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Last night a friend told me a story that, he says, more than anything he has experienced in his life, is the image that lives in his mind. 

One day he was out in Nablus and a young boy came up to him and asked him for ten shekels.  My friend said, “Yes, but tell me first what it is for”.  The boy replied, “I want to by you some cigarettes”.“But I already have cigarettes” said my friend.“Show me”, countered the boy.  He looked into the packet and saw there were about 10 cigarettes.  “I think it is empty” he said.“Okay, okay”, laughed my friend. The boy ran off to buy the cigarettes.  Minutes later my friend heard gunfire from where the boy had run to.  Instantly he ran in that direction, and found two boys on the ground, a bullet having entered the forehead of one, passed through completely and exited out the back, where it entered the head of the other boy.  They must have been standing close together. Not knowing which to carry first, and realising that he needed two arms to support the bodies, my friend took one boy and lay his body on top of the other, and carried them like this to an ambulance.  In the ambulance the boy who had gone to buy the cigarettes, Adameer, asked “Am I alive”.  “Yes, Adameer,” replied my friend, “you are alive”.

“But I don’t want to be alive – I want paradise”.  He died on the way to the hospital.

  He then told another story about a time he was taking a tour of internationals around the city and encountered two boys.  He caught one of the boys and asked him “What do you want to be when you are old?”“I don’t think I will get to be old,” replied the boy sagely.“But just imagine that you do – what do you want to be?”“I want to be a doctor”, said the boy. “I do not love you in this moment” said my friend, intimating there was a resistance to be fought.“I know you don’t,” said the boy, “but let me tell you why I want to be a doctor.  Because my friend here wants to be wanted [a resistance fighter], and when he gets hurt, I will help him.”

100 children were killed by Israeli soldiers this year


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